Enjoy winter in the mountains between enchanting walks and season-appropriate clothing

Winter turns mountains into a fascinating realm of snow and ice, giving life to breathtaking landscapes. Beaten paths become the heart of a unique experience that calls all nature lovers to explore this enchanted landscape. Each step becomes a journey through a world where snow silently transforms sight and sound, embracing hikers in a soothing, magical calm.

The charm of winter hikes

Beaten winter paths allow you to walk on the snow or cross partially snow-covered ways without using snowshoes, plunging yourself in a pristine atmosphere. They deliver a different experience than summer hiking: snow muffles every sound, creating a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. Snow-covered trees, frozen rivers and animal tracks are all elements that add precious details to this landscape. Winter atmosphere also presents extraordinary photographic opportunities, with the glare of light on the snow that creates breathtaking views.
However, trails may be slippery or more difficult to find, while weather conditions can change rapidly. These particular conditions require extra care while hiking and a careful choice of hiking clothing and footwear.

Winter hiking clothes

Wearing proper clothing is essential to ensure comfort and safety for winter hiking. A technical windbreaker and breathable underwear are essential for maintaining and regulating body temperature.
Dressing in layers with a t-shirt, a fleece and socks allows you to flexibly adapt to weather changes. Waterproof hiking boots are essential to keep your feet dry and warm. Since about 50% of body heat is lost from the head and hands, accessories such as beanies, gloves and sunglasses will enhance your winter experience by completing the equipment. A backpack is very useful for carrying extra gear such as a few more items of clothing, food, water, a thermos with a hot drink, first aid kit and navigation devices.

San Marco hiking boots are key for your safe winter hike

San Marco hiking boots, such as the Civetta and Vintage models, offer comfort and style while exploring trails on a winter hike. The precise fit and non-slip sole provide excellent stability and traction. A firm grip is crucial for maintaining stability on icy and snowy surfaces.
The shock-absorbing system helps reduce fatigue on uneven ground. Civetta and Vintage hiking boots also provide good ankle support, which is essential to prevent sprains, especially on uneven or slippery surfaces. The Sympatex waterproof membrane keeps the foot warm and dry, promoting perspiration and preventing cold air from entering the shoe. San Marco hiking footwear combines reliable performance with distinctive style, making your outdoor experiences safe and enjoyable.

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