Walk more comfortable with shoes San Marco

Cushioning the impact with the ground is important to reduce fatigue during the walk, whether it is a mountain route or whether it is the hard asphalt city. With this philosophy were born the trekking shoes of San Marco that adopt the shock-absorbing system, able to ensure a high absorption capacity. Fundamental is the role played by the midsole in EVA: absorbs shocks and lightens the effort of the articulation, making the walk more fluid and keeping longer the well-being of the feet. Some of the new models of San Marco are equipped with the shock-absorbing system, such as the shoes Civetta and Trek Sock.

Civetta is a very comfortable shoe in the all terrain category. It adapts to any type of terrain and is ideal for hiking and light hiking. Thanks to the waterproof and breathable Moisture-Tech lining of Sympatex, it offers a rapid evaporation of sweat. It can be used even in the most demanding activities. The foot remains always dry and cool. It is also equipped with removable anatomical insole. Civetta is available in 4 colours: two for men (blue-orange, hearth-yellow) and two for women (lamb-brick, mineral blue-yellow).

Trek Sock is the new shoe by San Marco dedicated to the urban scenario. It has the same sole and the same anatomical insole of the model Civetta. The upper and lining are knitted, just like a sock. This solution ensures an extremely comfortable fit and a very trendy design. In addition, thanks to the workmanship, the shoe becomes lighter: only 390 gr for the model for men and 320 gr for women. Trek Sock is available in 4 colors (blue melange, black melange, cream and sage green).