San Marco Mountain Tips
trekking from Gosaldo to Bivacco Menegazzi

From Gosaldo to Bivacco Menegazzi

An itinerary that requires training but which offers a breathtaking view, in the presence of the Pale di San Martino.
Starting from the village of Villa Sant’Andrea at 1270 meters above sea level, you can easily find the signs for the bivouac. From the beginning, the path climbs up the Col de Camp, with a gradient of nearly 20% and then becomes “softer”, meeting some hairpin bends that go up the wood. Arriving at Pian del Gal at 1539 meters above sea level, you come to a crossroads, the CAI signs are unmistakable and the glimpse of the peaks gives strong emotions. The path continues with a slight climb, which in about half an hour leads to the Menegazzi Bivouac. The total duration of the excursion to climb is about 2 hours, 6.5 km with just over 500 meters in altitude.
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