Italy product engineering
high quality on your feet

Quality is not an abstract concept for San Marco: it means the freedom to walk easily on any type of terrain. It is the security of facing every challenge, even in the most difficult weather conditions, always guaranteeing a maximum comfort. Step by step, our shoes are designed with a complete attention to achieve excellence, providing the experience of those who walked the mountain paths before us and ventured into exciting excursions in the woods and parks by immersing themselves in the nature.

Details make the difference, making a shoe special and ready for any adventure. We put in every products many small and fundamental attentions: attention to detail, the use of superior quality materials, meticulous seams and, last but not least, human’s touch. Expert hands have made the San Marco shoes giving a precious and unique craftsmanship.

Craftsman passion and italian style

Faithful to our ideals and to our history, we proudly present the highest quality without any compromise. Even today the particularly accurate manufacturing process of Swing and Walking trekking boot requires a high amount of steps and involves highly specialized personnel in the exclusive finishing operations.

Each processing step is carefully performed with the craftsman passion and manual ability that have always distinguished the experience of the footwear district and the GARSPORT’s one in production. Modern technologies are a precious help to give shape to innovative materials and carry out new conception treatments which can improve performance and reliability without forgetting the importance of caring for details.