Trek Sock: your travel companion

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and as every year they fill the days with light-playfulness, relaxation and, most importantly, adventure. In fact, in summer there are those who leave for faraway destinations, those who like to relax at the beach, those who enjoy the crisp mountain air and those who decide to explore a city instead. Whatever destination you choose, it is essential to take the right shoes with you. Trek Sock is the ace up the sleeve for any adventurer: it allows you to comfortably walk in the city but also to cross a mountain trail.

San Marco’s Outdoor City shoe line

The Outdoor City shoe line was conceived and designed for everyday use. This footwear is extremely versatile and durable, suitable for the most various situations. From city walks to simple hikes on mountain trails, dirt roads and in the woods, San Marco’s footwear offers comfort and lightness, even after hours of use.

The features of Trek Sock hiking shoes

Trek Sock is a soft, flexible and reliable kind of shoe. It’s perfect for long park walks and city trekking, as well as the right traveling companion for a tour of European capitals or a walk in one of the many Italian villages.
The upper is peculiar because of the sock-like design that ensures a comfortable and lightweight fit.
The fabric is extremely breathable, perfect for frequent use and long walks.
The shock absorbing system with EVA midsole and San Marco All Season bottom provides excellent grip on different surfaces. This feature provides comfort and stability even after a long day of walking.

Enjoy the city with San Marco

Start off on the right foot for your summer holidays. With Trek Sock shoes you can stroll around the cities counting on a comfortable, convenient and versatile footwear. With its lightness and breathability, Trek Sock allows you to easily move among monuments and tourist sites without feeling heavy. Thanks to their modern and casual design, these hiking shoes can be comfortably worn in the city and easily matched with summer outfits. 7 fashionable shades give these shoes a modern look, suitable for urban style. Colors range from cream to different shades of gray, from sage green to different shades of blue. Enjoy all historic neighborhoods and great city views with Trek Sock shoes.

In the city or the mountains

It takes a moment to switch from urban park walks to mountain trekking. Trek Sock shoes are so lightweight that they allow you to move easily even in the woods and on simple mountain trails.
Their flexible construction allows great freedom of movement, making these shoes suitable for different needs while walking.
You can confidently face summer knowing that you are wearing a versatile and comfortable kind of shoe. Whether you’re planning a light mountain trek or an urban adventure, Trek Sock provides the stability and comfort you need for your adventures, all seasoned with a hint of style. You need to pack just one pair of shoes for a thousand possible uses.

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