Trek Sock is the ultimate summer shoe

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy nature and breathtaking views.
Whether it’s a walk in the woods, an easy hike in the mountains or a long walk on a dirt path, it’s important to start on the right foot and choose a versatile shoe that offers excellent comfort and performance. Trek Sock shoe by San Marco is perfect for the summer season and is suitable for both light mountain trekking and exploring city streets.

Comfort and fit

San Marco Trek Sock shoe stands out for its modern design and high-quality construction. The upper is made of a combination of breathable materials and fabrics that ensure good ventilation on long summer walks. The upper is peculiar because of the sock-like design that wraps around the foot to ensure a comfortable and lightweight fit.
The shock absorbing system with EVA midsole and San Marco® All Season® bottom provides excellent grip on different surfaces, from slippery rocks to wet roads. This feature allows you to confidently face different grounds, reducing the risk of slipping and avoiding unwanted falls.

Lightness, flexibility and design

Thanks to its lightweight construction, Trek Sock allows you to easily walk through forests and mountain trails without feeling heavy. Its flexible construction allows great freedom of movement, making this shoe suitable for different needs while walking.
In addition to outdoor adventures, Trek Sock shoes are perfect for urban routes as well. This shoe makes a reliable and stylish companion also for visiting a city’s historic districts or taking long walks to visit monuments and tourist sites during summer holidays. Thanks to its modern and casual design, Trek Sock shoe can be comfortably worn in the city and matched with any summer outfit.

Enjoy summer with San Marco

With Trek Sock by San Marco you can confidently face summer knowing that you are wearing a versatile and comfortable kind of shoe. Whether you’re planning a light mountain trek or an urban adventure, Trek Sock provides the stability and comfort you need for your adventures, all seasoned with a hint of style.

Discover the Trek Sock shoe by San Marco in all its colors.