The Italian charm of hiking shoes

Italian design and style have long been acclaimed worldwide, not only in fashion industry, but also in the field of outdoor footwear. San Marco’s trekking shoes, designed and produced in our country, stand out for their refined look. They combine technical performance and comfort with an eye-catching look, the result of a taste for beauty and research into new trends.

Always up-to-date Italian style

San Marco shoes are an icon of the 1990s. This innovative line of hiking and climbing footwear was born out of experimentation on then-revolutionary materials, such as waterproof, breathable membranes.
The study of technical solutions aimed to increase comfort while hiking without compromising on new expressive codes and original fashionable combinations that were inspired by the fashion of those years. Design, cutting-edge materials and aesthetic research were the core of those legendary models, which are back today with an up-to-date collection. Still designed in Italy to this day, San Marco’s Swing and Walking hiking shoes bring back the legend, with colors updated to modern trends and new chromatic combinations to let you experience the mountains and the outdoors in style.

Italian design and top performance

Another feature that distinguishes Italian hiking footwear is the design, which offers high-quality technical solutions. To tackle rough terrain and any weather conditions, shoes must be designed with the best raw materials available. Fine leather, technical fabrics, and durable soles are selected by San Marco to ensure maximum longevity and performance. These superior materials ensure that shoes can endure the challenge of nature. Italian craftsmanship is perfectly combined with cutting-edge materials such as Gore-Tex for water resistance and breathability, Vibram soles for secure grip on wet and dry terrain, a uniquely designed heel to ensure safe braking, and advanced cushioning systems. San Marco footwear not only offers exceptional performance, but also features an attractive appearance.

The utmost attention to detail

Italy has a long tradition of producing high quality footwear. Especially the sportsystem area of Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso, represents excellence in the creation of high-end sports and trekking shoes. San Marco has always been included within this district and shares its expertise, taking advantage of it in its exclusive production process. The production cycle of Swing and Walking shoes is especially careful and requires a large number of steps. It involves highly specialized staff for the exclusive finishing operations. Each processing step is performed with expert craftsmanship and manual skill. This precision ensures that trekking shoes have a better fit, are durable and comfortable, and can withstand the harshest conditions.

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