San Marco Mountain Tips – Case Bortot

Trekking escursione in montagna scarponcino Civetta San Marco

An evocative itinerary in the Belluno Dolomites leads us to discover Bus de Buson, a spectacular canyon characterized by towering vertical walls carved out by water. The path to reach this wonder starts from Case Bortot and follows a ring route about 11 km long that touches other places of outstanding beauty: Pont de la […]

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San Marco Mountain Tips
trekking from Gosaldo to Bivacco Menegazzi

San Marco Tips itinerari montagna con le swing dal massimo comfort

From Gosaldo to Bivacco Menegazzi An itinerary that requires training but which offers a breathtaking view, in the presence of the Pale di San Martino. Starting from the village of Villa Sant’Andrea at 1270 meters above sea level, you can easily find the signs for the bivouac. From the beginning, the path climbs up the […]

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San Marco Mountain Tips – From Passo Valles to Laresei hut

San Marco Mountain Tips – Al rifugio Laresei da Passo Valles

A spectacular view marks the end of this hike in the Dolomites on the border between Veneto and Trentino. Once you arrive at Laresei hut you can enjoy a wonderful view that sweeps across Monte Pelmo, Civetta, Pale di San Martino and Marmolada. The starting point is Passo Valles, which connects Falcade to San Martino […]

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San Marco Mountain Tips – Cima San Mauro

Tips come arrivare a Cima San Marco con gli scarponcini Civetta

Spring is the ideal time to walk on the path that leads to Cima San Mauro in the Feltre alps. In this period of the year, in addition to enjoying the spectacular panoramas of the Belluno Dolomites, you can also admire the splendid spontaneous blooms. The meadows are filled with color thanks to the white […]

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