Retro style and top performance for trekking shoes Vintage STX

San Marco’s new terrain line is a perfect mix of style and technical innovation. The shoes of the Vintage STX collection have a retro look that is inspired by the fabulous 90s. Inside, however, they use the innovative membrane made by Sympatex, able to ensure ideal comfort in any weather condition. The membrane is 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof. It works like a second skin: it directly absorbs water vapor from the foot and lets it out of the shoe. In combination with the lining, always in Sympatex Moisture-Tech, ensures a perfect microclimate inside the shoe.

Thanks to the membrane Sympatex, the shoe breathes dynamically: the greater the physical activity, the greater the efficiency of perspiration. In this way the foot remains dry and cool in every situation. It is also possible to adjust the temperature optimally based on time and physical effort.

Compared to porous membranes, with Sympatex transpiration is not blocked due to sweat (salt crystals) or dirt. You do not need to wash your shoes after use to maintain functionality. The breathability remains unchanged at 100%, regardless of the frequency of washing.