San Marco Mountain Tips Nevegal – Visentin refuge

Nevegal is a plateau that rises on the northern slope of the Col Visentin group. It is located in the Belluno area, just over half an hour from the centre. It represents the terrace of the city on the Dolomites which fan out to the north, overlooking the Piave valley. Elena De Faveri (@elena_peacock_) accompanies us on this excursion, who also took the photos of this approximately 12 km long itinerary. The walk begins in La Casera, from Piazzale del Nevegal, which can be easily reached by car. The route is not particularly strenuous or technically difficult. It takes place partly on asphalt and partly on dirt. The most challenging stretch due to the slope is the initial one. From the car park, follow an uphill mule track that leads to the Faverghera hut, flanks the Brigata Cadore refuge (now closed) and arrives at the Bristot refuge. From here you can choose whether to take the path of the crests up to Col Visentin or continue along a small road that is always beaten. The itinerary is very suggestive and allows you to admire different panoramas. To the east, the view opens onto the lake of Santa Croce, the Alpago basin and the Cansiglio. To the north rise the iconic profiles of some of the most spectacular peaks of the Dolomites: the Marmolada, the Civetta, Monte Pelmo and Monte Antelao. Looking south you can see Vittorio Veneto, the fields of the plain and, on clearer days, Venice and its lagoon.
The excursion was made with Swing boots which allowed the slightly snowy terrain to be managed better. The breathable and water-repellent Sympatex membrane keeps the foot warm. It offers protection from bad weather and does not allow water or wind to penetrate from the outside.

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