San Marco Mountain Tips – From Passo Valles to Laresei hut

A spectacular view marks the end of this hike in the Dolomites on the border between Veneto and Trentino. Once you arrive at Laresei hut you can enjoy a wonderful view that sweeps across Monte Pelmo, Civetta, Pale di San Martino and Marmolada. The starting point is Passo Valles, which connects Falcade to San Martino di Castrozza. There is a parking lot nearby where you can leave your car, although parking spaces are limited. The walk is about 10 km long on a dirt road that climbs gently with a vertical drop of 358 meters. It starts with a slight up and down, followed by a steady but gentle climb. The route is convenient, scenic and suitable for everyone. The entire route is well marked with number 658. Together with Elena De Faveri (@elena_peacock_) we walked along the path, made even more fascinating thanks by the snow. Thanks to the waterproof and breathable membrane, Civetta shoes allowed us to walk while keeping our feet warm. The precise and comfortable fit is highly suitable for light trekking. Once you reach Valles hut, for the return you can choose a ring route that goes all around the Cavia Lake passing by Malga Zingari Alti.

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