San Marco Mountain Tips – Case Bortot

An evocative itinerary in the Belluno Dolomites leads us to discover Bus de Buson, a spectacular canyon characterized by towering vertical walls carved out by water. The path to reach this wonder starts from Case Bortot and follows a ring route about 11 km long that touches other places of outstanding beauty: Pont de la Mortis, Serva tunnel and Mariano Bridge. Elena De Faveri (@elena_peacock_) will take us on this excursion. The starting point is at Case Bortot, where you can park near the restaurant. Just below we will take the well-maintained, broad path towards Ponte de la Mortis.
Following the left side of Ardo stream, we will arrive at the bridge overlooking a crystal-clear water gorge. Here we will begin a long climb that leads to Serva tunnel, which is 500 meters long and was carved in the rock for the roadway used to build the aqueduct. Bringing a flashlight is recommended but not required, since there are small side windows along the tunnel that let some light in. After a short descent and a few curves we will arrive at Mariano Bridge, which was apparently named after the last inhabitant of this lonely area. Along the way we will find the branch that
leads to the Bus de Buson. Going down a few dozen meters we will reach the bottom of a massive gorge carved by the river, which was later diverted by a landslide. The rock layers are formed by a type of limestone called Biancone, which reminds us that the sea bottom used to be here 100 million years ago. After crossing the canyon the trail takes us back to the starting point.

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