Mountain Tips, trekking in the forest of Bagni di Masino in Val Masino

Val Masino and the whole Val di Mello are reliving a magical moment, thanks to the presence and to an eco-sustainable tourism that wants to rediscover unique and uncontaminated landscapes. We went to the rediscovery of a “magical” place that once was in harmony with man, the Bagni della Val Masino.

The Bagni di Masino forest is located in Bregolana, immediately after San Martino, at about 1170 meters above sea level. It is a centuries-old forest which, due to its beauty and particularity, has become part of the Natura 2000 network sites. The circular mountain route of the Bagni di Masino Forest is suitable for everyone, a fascinating adventure in a forest enchanted. Surrounded by tall fir trees and centuries-old beeches, with an undergrowth full of ferns, it gives the impression of being in a fairy tale. The circular route is divided into 9 stages: information bulletin board, house in the forest, environmental monitoring, flora, stop in the forest, information center, geology, stop at the stream and fauna. The purpose of the Bagni di Masino path is to make the area accessible to everyone, allowing you to discover various aspects of nature. The route is well signposted and has a wooden handrail, walking on pavement, gravel or granite slabs. Along this ring, it is pleasant to stop and listen to the sounds of the forest and the nature that surrounds it, read the information panels and learn something more about this beautiful area. Our light and comfortable Trek Sock accompanied us on this journey. The Trek Sock proved to be ideal for this nature trekking route.

foresta bagni di val masino

trekking sentiero bagni di val masino