Hiking in the mountains: 5 useful tips.

  1. Proceed step by step: it is necessary to keep in mind that here it is not only the physical condition that counts, but a combination of factors that includes the difference in height, the difficulty of the ground, the altitude, and the weather conditions.
  2. Choose the shoes suitable for the route: San Marco Shoes is always careful to the needs of mountain lovers, offering different models designed for different types of excursions.
  3. Learn to pack: it seems trivial, but it is not. It is essential to have a bottle of water, some food, a small first aid kit with you, a fleece to protect you from the cold and a shell to shelter you in case of rain or wind.
  4. Take the waste back downstream: always leave the mountain as you found it, carry a bag with you to store your waste.
  5. Study: choose an itinerary and study it carefully, consult the maps of the area, mark the possible support points. Read the reviews of those who have walked that path before you, check the presence of phone coverage and the availability of water in the area. Find out about the local weather. A good preparation before leaving helps to solve unexpected events more easily.


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