Get ready for fall: hiking clothes and shoes

When fall arrives a magical atmosphere envelops the landscape; leaves take on warm shades and the sparkling air invites to enjoy new outdoor adventures. At this time of the year, hiking takes on a charm all its own, offering a unique opportunity to connect with natural beauty. To make the most of this experience, it is important to wear the right clothing and footwear for this season.

The importance of fall clothing

Fall is a transition season, characterized by changeable weather and unpredictable variations in temperatures. When packing our backpacks for fall hikes, it is important to choose the appropriate clothing. Our equipment always includes slightly warmer technical clothing designed to cope with the weather challenges that autumn holds.
The winning strategy is knowing how to dress in layers: on cooler days we wear hiking pants that resist wind and cold without restricting freedom of movement on trails. Breathable technical t-shirts are very useful, but it is essential to always have a fleece on hand to keep us warm when temperatures drop. Finally, it is worth carrying a waterproof jacket to avoid being caught unprepared in bad weather.

GPS, flashlight and backpack for a safe adventure

Proper preparation for a hike also includes essential tools and equipment such as a GPS, a reliable flashlight, and a well-chosen and carefully prepared backpack. GPS is an essential ally to avoid getting lost in remote areas. Although the romantic idea of wandering without a guide can be intriguing, safety and caution should always be a priority. During the winter season, a trusty flashlight becomes very useful, especially when days get shorter dark comes earlier.
Finally, a backpack allows us to carry a few extra clothing items, such as a sweater, a beanie, gloves, an extra pair of socks or a thermal blanket that could help us cope more comfortably with a sudden weather deterioration or a rainstorm.

Fall hiking shoes

San Marco’s All Terrain hiking shoes are carefully crafted for all-day comfort and protection during the fall season. The SympaTex membrane prevents cold air from getting inside the shoe and keeps your feet dry and warm even if you step in a puddle. Vibram and San Marco soles provide stability and safety while hiking, even on slippery, leaf-covered ground.
Vintage and Civetta models also include a cushioning system to increase comfort. With a range of many colors to choose from, such as beige, cream, gray, and sage green, these shoes are designed to perfectly fit the charming autumnal atmosphere. Wear San Marco hiking footwear and turn every excursion into an unforgettable adventure.

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